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Q: How do I join Rethink Leadership?

To join, click Sign Up at the top of any page, type your name and email address in the box provided, and click Continue. It's that easy. We also utilize emailed links to log in, meaning no passwords to remember and it's completely safe and secure.

Q: How do I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade from the Forever Free plan to a paid subscription, click Membership at the top of any page (once signed in) and then choose a plan, either Monthly or Annual. As soon as you provide a form of payment you'll immediately get access to all of the benefits of a paid membership.

Q: What's the difference between the monthly and annual plans?

The only difference between the monthly and annual memberships is the 20% discount you receive by paying yearly. With either plan, you pay immediately, and your billing cycle renews either once per month or once per year. You can update your billing details or turn off auto-renew in your account details at any time.

Q: How do I update my billing information?

You can update your payment details from your My Account page, accessible after logging in by clicking the My Account link at the top of every page (when you are signed in). From your account page, click 'Edit billing info' to securely change it.

Q: How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

To pause or cancel your subscription, click 'Cancel subscription' on your My Account page, accessible after logging in by clicking the My Account link at the top of every page.

Q: Can I write for Rethink Leadership?

If you have a knack for writing highly valuable and informative content in any of our key topics, you are welcome to submit any ideas to us via email. Blatant self-promotion is not allowed. However, if your article is selected for publishing you are welcome to include a brief biography, one URL and one Twitter profile for your author page.

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